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Provita Insurance Broker Co., Ltd. (Provita) was properly and legally established in accordance with laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Cambodia in 2016. In May of the following year, the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Royal Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia has granted Provita an insurance broker license of its operations.

Provita is a fully independent insurance broker and can work and cooperate with all insurance companies in Cambodia as well as with other relevant (international) players in the insurance industry.

Provita has a very strong, fully committed and professionally experienced team of experts who have been working in the insurance industry in Cambodia for the last two decades. Our team members have been witnessing the unprecedented development of the insurance industry and have valuably contributed to the rapid growth of the insurance sector in Cambodia.

In view of the professional background of our team members and based on their specific experiences made in the insurance sector, we are firmly convinced that we are in a position to provide our clients, including expecially corporations, with state-of-the-art insurance services.

Moreover, equipped with competences in the insurance industry, we are fully committed to look for tailored-made solutions with reasonable and competitive prices for our clients through risk assessment and comprehensive comparison of offers from all relevant insurance companies in Cambodia. Thanks to our professional analysis and dedicated expertise, we will make sure that our clients can avoid both insufficient insurance coverage as well as unnecessary insurance policy.

Our philosophy is simple - we are committed to help clients through professional risk assessment and dedicated expertise to find tailored-made insurance solutions. Furthermore, we will provide comprehensive after-sale service, including claim maters and claims settlements.

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